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Updated: May 19, 2020

Let’s Work Together

When families are looking for affordable living and quaint neighborhoods close to entertainment and restaurants, Tamarac should be at the top of their list. Business Insider says the value of median homes in Tamarac increased by neaarly 74% in 2019. This incredible leap in value is no surprise, considering the remarkable services that the city provides not only to its residents, but to its sister cities as well. From yoga to spinning classes, all provided at a reduced cost, any South Florida family looking to move should keep an eye on Tamarac.

Tamarac Then and Now

The city of Tamarac was founded in 1962 and incorporated in 1963. Developer Kenneth Behring provided the genesis for the city; creating the development of Tamarac Lakes, along with many others. Fast forward a few decades to 2019, where Tamarac is a thriving community for all ages, from young families, to neighborhoods created specifically for those 55+. Its residents account for 10% of Broward County’s population, with that number growing every day. 

Tamarac Village

State-of-the-art home living, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. All these features and more will be part of Tamarac Village, an area that is sure to become a highlight for the city of Tamarac. Currently under development, it is located on West Commercial Boulevard. In addition, the city is adding two beautiful parks for the residents to enjoy, along with an amphitheatre, with plenty of fun for everyone.

Elvin Villalobos and the RE/MAX InterAction Realty Team

With so many incredible options available in Tamarac, it’s hard to know where to start. Look no further than Elvin Villalobos and the RE/MAX InterAction Realty team. We can help you with any of your real estate needs. Our office is centrally located in Tamarac, at 7801 West Commercial Blvd. Come on by, say hi, and ask us questions. We would love to get to know you as a future Tamarac neighbor.

About Me

Elvin Villalobos, REALTOR® SRE Specialist RE/MAX InterAction Realty

As a Real Estate professional, I understand the process of a real estate transaction. I can help you find a home, sell your home, and assist you with all documents necessary to complete your real estate transaction.

Contact Details

Phone: 954.294.9831 Email: Web:

7801 W Commercial Blvd., Tamarac, FL 33351


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Let’s Work Together


Are you Interested in buying or selling? Do you have questions about the real estate process? Let me help. Use the form below to schedule a consultation and we’ll setup a time to discuss your needs.

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