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Why You Should Move to Tamarac – Elvin Villalobos

Updated: May 19, 2020

A Results-Focused City

When creating new initiatives, the City of Tamarac’s primary focus is on results. From revitalizing or building new shopping centers, to selling land lots, Tamarac’s goal is to grow business initiatives that will increase revenue and provide the city’s residents with an amazing place to live, work and play.

Championing Business

Business, both large and small, is the largest avenue of revenue that enters the city gates. Ensuring supporting measures to attract new business while also maintaining current relationships with both large and small companies is essential to Tamarac’s ability to provide exceptional services to its own residents and those who live in its sister cities. Elvin Villalobos and the RE/MAX InterAction Realty team is just one of the many businesses who have seen the great work the city is doing in this area. Others such as City Furniture, Sarky Japan and Peter Piper Pizza can also attest to the effort Tamarac puts into supporting its business community.

Welcoming to All

Tamarac knows the value of diversity – both in the types of businesses within its borders, and in its residential population. With many residential condos, single-family homes, townhomes, Tamarac welcomes individuals and families from all backgrounds to call the city home.

Affordability with Quality from Elvin Villalobos

As realtor Elvin Villalobos says, “Now is the time to move to Broward County, and specifically, the City of Tamarac, where affordability meets quality in substantially greater ways than in the surrounding areas.”

Entertainment Options – Colony West Clubhouse

One exciting addition to Tamarac is the newly rebuilt Clubhouse at Colony West Golf Club, which is due for a ribbon cutting in summer 2020. This will be a premier space for hosting events such as weddings and birthday parties. Plus, with the brand new Fairfield Inn & Suites within walking distance, your out-of-town guests will thank you. Each venue can host up to 250 people, giving you plenty of space to host all your loved ones and hold business meetings at the same time. In addition to the clubhouse expansion and hotel, Colony West gave its golf course a facelift by eliminating some bunkers and improving others. Glamorous parties, business meetings, family gatherings, and a round of golf – who could want more?

Caring for its Citizens

In addition to great homes and neighborhoods, businesses, and entertainment, Tamarac also truly cares about the health of its residents. For over 40 years, the City of Tamarac has partnered with University Hospital and Medical Center to serve the community with the highest quality and care. With the hospital’s dedicated service and state-of-the-art equipment, patients can count on the best treatment modern medicine can give.

Elvin Villalobos and the RE/MAX InterAction Realty Team

In Tamarac, the grass is surely greener. Low tax mileage, superior fire and BSO services, home affordability, and proximity to great entertainment and highways make it an ideal place to live. When looking for your new Tamarac home, give Elvin Villalobos and the RE/MAX Interaction Realty team a call. Our office is centrally located in Tamarac, at 7801 West Commercial Blvd. Stop by and say hi. We would love to welcome you and get to know you as our future neighbor.

About Me

Elvin Villalobos, REALTOR® SRE Specialist RE/MAX InterAction Realty

As a Real Estate professional, I understand the process of a real estate transaction. I can help you find a home, sell your home, and assist you with all documents necessary to complete your real estate transaction.

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Phone: 954.294.9831 Email: Web:

7801 W Commercial Blvd., Tamarac, FL 33351


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